Ferro Antico
FERRO ANTICO, part of the "PLAZA ROSINA" complex, specializes in custom wrought iron or tin lighting & accessories made in Santa Fe, New Mexico using the highest quality materials by experienced and meticulous craftsmen. We have been making fine quality decorative elements in iron, tin & copper for over 20 years. Please contact us for more images, and pricing.


FERRO ANTICO‘s mission is to bring to collectors the finest artifacts, original creations and authentic reproductions representing the unique cultural heritage of Latin America, Spain, Italy, and the American Southwest. Casa Rosina artisans design and craft furniture, doors, and lighting destined to be heirlooms. Signed pieces blend art and design in superbly made one-of-a-kind creations for your home.

FERRO ANTICO‘s custom wood and iron work draws upon old world designs and fabrication techniques to create new world masterpieces that are completely unique and timeless. FERRO ANTICO was founded by Juana Victoria as a labor of love out of her rich knowledge and experience.

Juana Victoria studied history, and archaeology as an undergraduate. She received her PhD in cultural anthropology. Driven by intense curiosity, Juana Victoria set out to discover directly, the world that had occupied her studies. Her extensive field work in the Amazon and Sudan and restoration of colonial art and archaeological remains in Guatemala completed her education.

Equipped with her education and field expertise Juana Victoria started her first business, designing clothing from beautiful Guatemalan textiles. The business expanded quickly as her customers connected with the creative products and proprietor. Juana Victoria discovered that her own passion for Latin American art, crafts, and textiles was infectious. She found that she could connect people in the U.S. with their neighbors to the South through utilitarian and decorative collectables.

Juana opened her business, Casa Antigua, in downtown Palo Alto in 1986. Casa Antigua carried a wide range of Spanish Colonial antiques, folk art and furniture from the Americas, antique furniture and doors from Italy and Spain. She developed the skills necessary to produce authentic reproductions and eventually developed her own line of lighting and wrought iron work through her business Ferro Antico. Initially, Ferro Antico ironworks forged hardware and other components that added to the authenticity of the custom furniture.

Today, Juana Victoria, through her Casa Rosina shops, continues to specialize in custom designed lighting, furniture, and other accessories for clients who want authentic, handcrafted pieces that will become heirlooms. Her meticulously trained ironworkers now specialize in lighting, gates and balconies using a myriad of techniques, some dating back to medieval times. From carving to finishing, the woodshop creates fine custom doors, tables and armoires. Casa Rosina professionals are also leaders in restoration and replication work. Both the woodshop and ironworks have a particular focus on Spanish Revival, Tuscan, Spanish and California mission styles.

Authenticity based on deep knowledge, preservation of historic designs, and techniques, as well as dedication to the highest quality have always been at the heart of the business. Serious collectors understand the importance of preserving the magical objects and techniques of the past. They know that such objects hold a connection to the land and people whose native knowledge slips farther into forgotten realms with each passing day.

FERRO ANTICO shops are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and on the San Francisco Peninsula, in the city of San Carlos.